Portable Electronic Drum Set Built-in Hight Quality Speakers

Prefessional Portable Electronic Drum Set Built-in Hight Quality Speakers For Drummer

                                                              iWord Model No.:G3003



  1. Power: DC 9V
  2. Power Input/Output: 2.5W/2W
  3. Speakers: Built-in high quality dual speaker system with super bass effect
  4. Volume control: 10 levels
  5. Dimensions: 500 x 440 x 70mm
  6. Inputs: Micro USB Jack for computer connectivity, MP3 Jack,DC 9V for charging
  7. Drum pads: 1 SNARE, 3 TOMS, 1 CRASH, 1 RIDE, 1 HI-HAT
  8. Foot Pedals: 1 BASS DRUM, 1 CLOSED HI-HAT
  9. Drum Tones: 6 options
  10. Demo song: 6 options
  11. Drum Rhythms: 3 options



  •  Lightweight, stylish, easy to carry, can be carried by hand;
  •  Built-in multiple sets of high-quality drum sound source, the most realistic and most powerful drum!
  • Standard drum setting, pedal extension interface gives you real drum kit enjoyment.
  • Portable multi-function professional electronic drum with stereo;
  • A professional demonstration song is included to facilitate your appreciation and study;
  • Under the accompaniment, freely adjust the speed, it is your best learning, practice partner;
  • With recording function, you can record your music inspiration anytime, anywhere;
  • With high-fidelity dual-speaker external sound, easy to use anytime, anywhere;
  • MIDI output, can be connected to the computer to play the electronic drum game;
  •  Audio input/output interface, powerful expansion ability, free to choose music songs to create music;
  • Four power supplies (A: USB5V B: three AA batteries C: BL-5C lithium battery D: power adapter power supply)


Package Includes:

  1. Portable electronic drum pad with built-in high quality dual speakers
  2. Two wooden drumsticks
  3. Two pedals for the bass drum and HI-HAT functions
  4. Linear power adapter
  5. Audio cable and Instruction Manual