49 Keys Roll Up Piano With Midi Micro USB plug(S2026)


Material: waterproof environmental silicone
Color: Pink, Black Or OEM color
Output: DC6V  >500 MA
Input: DC6V  >500 MA
Net Weight: 700g- 940g
Packing List  1*Hand Roll Piano,1*specification, 1*pouch, 1*plastic bag
Dimension: Silicone Keyboard: 890x175x5mm
Control Box:130x235x30mm


1. 61 (49)Standard keys
2. Standard 440 Hz Tone,with vogue appearance,
3. 3-Dimensional Keyboard(The black keys is higher than white),
4. 21 demo songs,128 Tones,100 rhythm
5. With USB jack ( connected to computer)
6. With trill function.
7. 4 AA battery and power adapter are available.

Certification: CE, RoHS