Bluetooh Portable Electronic Drum Set With APPS

Bluetooh Portable Electronic Drum Set With APPS Teaching Function For Kids

                                                              iWord Model No.:G3001C



  1. Power: DC 5V
  2. Power Input/Output: 2.5W/2W
  3. Speakers: Built-in high quality dual speakers system with super bass effect
  4. Battery: Built-in 2000mAh Lithium-Ion
  5. Volume control: 10 levels
  6. Dimensions: 430x310x60mm
  7. Inputs: Micro USB Jack for charging/computer connectivity, MP3 Jack
  8. Drum pads: 1 SNARE, 3 TOMS, 1 CRASH, 1 RIDE, 1 HI-HAT
  9. Foot Pedals: 1 BASS DRUM, 1 CLOSED HI-HAT
  10. Drum Tones: 5 options
  11. Demo song: 8 options
  12. Selectable Rhythms: 3



  •  This Electric Drum Set has 9 pads including 3 Toms, 2 HI-Hats, 1 Kick, 1 Snare, 1 Ride, 1 Crash, 2 Drum Pedals, that brings realistic drum sound with the feel and response of real drums to you, you can play various muisic styles such as pop, rock, Latin, electronic, etc It can play 8 DEMO songs.
  • This Electronic Drum Set can be rolled up so you can play music anywhere and anytime like on holidays or birthday parties.
  • When you want to play this drum pad, like in the late night, but also do not want to disturb others, then you can wear your headphone.
  • High-quality built-in dual speakers deliver amazing bass performance. You do not need to connect it with other speakers when you want to listen to rock and roll.
  • Connect your drum pad to an external MP3 player or similar music playing device to add depth and detail to your performance. Bring in outside artists’ harmonies, melodies and other sounds and rhythms for a fun ‘drum karaoke’ session.
  • Play PC Games: If you love playing today’s popular computer drum games like the DTXMania series, our drum pad is perfectly compatible. Just hook up to your preferred PC or other system to unlock endless training and playing possibilities.
  • Whether you’re on the road or practicing at home, our compact, portable drum pad is your consummate companion. The set’s flexible, rollable design makes it easy to carry and saves you plenty of space in the closet or trunk.



About 3 exclusive APPS-The APPS downloaded freely on all major platforms (IOS and Android)

  1. Drum Beater: Easiest and Funniest way to make you feel the rhythm of drum set.
  2. Drum Pop: Importing the songs from your phone or tablet to enjoy the drum beating, export to MIDI for editing in other software
  3. Drum Style: customize exclusive drum set with 10 drum styles for changing the position of different drums and cymbals and save 4 customized drum sets into app.


Package Includes:

  1. Portable electronic drum pad with built-in battery and  hight quality speakers
  2. Two wooden drumsticks
  3. Two pedals for the bass drum and HI-HAT functions
  4. Micro USB power cable
  5. Audio cable and Instruction Manual