Hand Roll Drum Without Speaker (G3002)


With the tone of real drum set, connecting external speaker to simulate real hitting effect perfectly and it is very thin like a mat that can be roll up as light as a book, hitting music whenever you want.

Material: Environmental waterproof silicone
Color: White,Green Or OEM color
Output: DC9V  2.5W
Input: DC5V 2.5W
Net Weight: 800g
Packing List  1*Hand Roll Drum,1*specification, 1*plastic bag 2*Drum Sticks
Dimension: 440mm x 280mm x 6mm


  1. Realistic tone, simulating a real drum set hitting effect
  2. Various playing styles included pop music, rock music, Latin style, electronics etc.
  3. Pedal controller to emulate the real Hi-hat effect
  4. The sound of the hi-hat pad and the snare pad can be alternated to make it easy for different drum players.
  5. Power supporting by using 2 AA batteries or external power supplier.
  6. Connecting earphone without bothering anyone
  7. Making music by connecting computer via standard midi out jack (5 pin jack) and playing every drum games.
  8. AUX jack synchronous practicing through mobile phone or computer playing music.
  9. Built-in metronome to train the good rhythm.
  10. Small and light, easy to carry around
  11. Certification: CE,RoHS,EN71(SGS),EMC(SGS)