Hand Roll Drum With High End Chip (G3003)


Exclusive appearance design, with the tone of real drum set, Dual high-powered symmetric speaker system to simulate real hitting effect and standard USB output plug to realize the complete combination of drum studying and entertainment.

Material: Environmental  waterproof  silicone
Color: White,Red Or OEM color
Output: DC9V  2.5W
Input: DC5V 2.5W
Net Weight: 1200g
Packing List  1*Hand Roll Drum,1*specification, 1*plastic bag 2*Drum Sticks
Dimension: 540mm x 380mm x 16mm


  1. Dual high-powered symmetric speaker system with perfect bass effect.
  2. Simulating the real hitting effect with high-end tone of real drum set
  3. Built-in Li-polymer battery, long-term usage more than 8 hours after being charged.
  4. Various playing styles included pop music, rock music, Latin style, electronics etc.
  5. Pedal controller to emulate the real Hi-hat effect
  6. The sound of the hi-hat pad and the snare pad can be alternated to make it easy for different drum players
  7. Making music by connecting computer via USB input& output and playing every drum games.
  8. Bass drum by using pedal controller to simulate the real drum practicing and train a good coordination.
  9. Built-in high end record chip to record the sound perfectly.
  10. Connecting earphone without bothering anyone.
  11. AUX jack synchronous practicing through mobile phone or computer playing music.
  12. Built-in metronome to train the good rhythm.
  13. Small and light, easy to carry around.
  14. Certification: CE,RoHS